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Born in 1944 in Johannesburg – South Africa. Schooled in Johannesburg.


Went to India in 1963. Spent a few months at Nadwatul Ulema – Lucknow brushing up Urdu and elementary Arabic.


The first three years were spent in Darul Uloom – Deoband. Found the outlook of the institution too narrow and very intolerant. Relocated to Nadwatul Ulema where the atmosphere is far more relaxed and liberal.


Completed studies in 1970.


Spent some time in Lahore – Pakistan studying Hadith Jamiah Ashrafiyah.


Returned to South Africa in 1972.


Served the Lenasia Muslim Association institution catering for elementary Islamic education (called a Makhtab/Madressah) - for 17 years as teacher, administrator, training staff, preparing text books, supervisor and joint principal.


After resigning in 1989 did free lance work for the Lockhat Islamia College – Durban (now Al-Falaah Colege) as an Islamic Studies supervisor and consultant for 10 years. Also revamped and supervised the Quranic Recital Department of Islamia College – Cape Town for 5 years. Assisted several small makhtabs in various parts of Durban and Limpopo Province on a part-time basis.


Other activities – Imamate – 14 years – Social Welfare, Zakah, solving Marital Problems and other general advice. Burial – ghusal – kafan and burial. Involvement in Haj for the past 20 years.


Publications: Quran Made Easy Part 1 – 2, Practical Tajwid,                                 Quranic Remedial Teaching, The  Seeratun Nabi (4 parts), Khulafaa Rashidun,    Kitabul Haj, Kitabul Umrah, Duas for Haj and Umrah and Lady in Haj and Umrah.


(All Publications will finally appear on the blog except Quranic Remedial Teaching.)

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Asalamu Alaykum.

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Alhamdulillah, excellent site ! May Allah accept all your efforts and reward you abundantly. Brother Ismail Vawda

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I need a copy of lady in haj and umrah