The Four Khulafa

Since the death of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) history has seen many rulers, who have come and gone. The good, the pious, tyrants, dictators and the unjust. Of the God-fearing ones, the brightest and best stars in the galaxy of mankind are the Four Rightly Guided Khulafa – Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (RA.). None can equal their contribution. Even if all the good kings and rulers are placed together, the four will outmatch them.
These men embodied the pure teachings of Islam. Whatever they learnt from Nabi Muhammad (SAW) they carried out. No course in Islamic History is complete without them.
This text-book was initially prepared in 1978 for senior primary children (± 12 years). The original book saw several reprints. This is a condensed edition originally published by the South African Institute of Islamic Research in 1990.
May Allah accept this effort.

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