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In the Name of Allah, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.                                                            May Allah shower His Choicest Blessings and Salutations on our Noble Master Nabi Muhammad


This site (blog) consists of a primary madressah syllabus ideal for small communities irrespective of where situated and without qualified staff. Parents and elder siblings can also teach without any difficulty.


I will attach at a later stage the following:


  1. 1.     4 Books on Haj authored by myself. Thousands of Hujjaj have used my books. A careful study of my books will make one independent of guides.


  1. 2.      A Spiritual Development Programme based on the Quran and Sunnah. This will differ from Indo-Pak and other Sufi movements which have various elements of Bidah (Innovation) incorporated in their programmes.


  1. 3.     The website will be updated as time permits with new or updated versions of my work.


  1. 4.     Questions and answers relating to issues on the website. (Kindly note I am not a Mufti or Moulana know all.)





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Asalamu Alaykum.

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Asalamu Alaykum.

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Alhamdulillah, excellent site ! May Allah accept all your efforts and reward you abundantly. Brother Ismail Vawda

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I need a copy of lady in haj and umrah